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I know Mr. Kalpesh Patel for last 5 years. He is very sincere, dedicated and a very keen learner. I have worked with him in the capacity of a teacher, mentor and coach. One thing I liked most about him is focus on delivering beyond what is expected. He has always been a person who believed in "Going beyond possible" to create something of value to the customer. The birth of Annexe is also the result of the same philosophy. In spite of being an achiever, his mantra is still the same. He says - This is just the beginning. The best is yet to come. He understand that only way to growth is exceeding the expectations of the customers and taking care of suppliers and people. I know for sure that with this powerful philosophy, Annexe is going to create many new milestones for the industry. I wish Kalpesh bhai all the very best.

Rakesh Jain Management Guru - Growth With Happiness

First of all I would like to express my happiness towards steady and confirmed progress of MR KALPESH PATEL , I know him since almost ten years, why word used for him DEDICATED & DETERMINED , only because I have seen him working for organization with all involvement at the stage when it was too early to think of growth , he has never kept in his mind about result or rather in more commercialization term to make money, his dedication towards organization's progress was too specify that has ultimate resulted in to achieved stage & banner for which his mind was determined. I am rather surprise & on other hand proud to see him struggling for all function of organizational on alone & one hand, & which has given him identification which is not by inheritance, it is only by DETERMINED & DEDICATION TOWARD JOB, DUTIES.


I wish him GREAT success.



A VisionaryIt was indeed very nice getting associated with a man of great substance & a visionary par excellence like you. I am an eye witness to your success story started as a small time Laboratory Chemical supplier and reached to become an Industrialist. Your hardworking nature and the perfection to the last digit has put you on the top of the table as far as the Fine Chemical industry is concern.

Sandip Shah - Partner Global Metall-Chemie